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You and your team have a lot of experience, knowledge and skills. Still, you feel it's time for a new impulse. You want to deepen the connection to yourself and how you can enlarge your impact from within. You want to enhance the intensity of the cooperation in your team. And connect with your organization to the global issues of our time though experiencing and being inspired by extreme nature.

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Together, we will navigate into an immensely beautiful, but also desperately desolate landscape on both high-tech snowmobiles and age proven dog sleighs. There will be a night on the ice and visits to places so remote that human beings must abandoned them. Places of unique history that will inspire you for a lifetime.

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Together with our selected partners we will inspire you for a lifetime.

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  • This expedition was a learning journey that has brought me out of my comfort zone and closer to understanding my own place in the world. I became far more responsive to life, through working with the people as a team, learning from animals and being humbled and impressed by nature. I have discovered that true leadership starts by learning to lead yourself first. Member of The Nexus Arctic Expedition 2015

  • The best way to circumscribe this expedition is as a life changing event. The mind will sometimes not be able to translate the happenings around you. The impact of your stay in Svalbard is not able to grasp only at your stay on Svalbard but will be with you through time beyond. The experience is totally worth it. Wouter Hamilton - Expedition Leader

  • Svalbard is a place where you can lose yourself but find yourself at the same time. Emilio Provatali - TNF Expedition Leader